10 Ariana Grande Hairstyles to Recreate Her Glamour

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High Ponytail with Ombre Shade

Ariana Grande's signature haircut is this. It was a hit for years and easy to copy.

Red High Ponytail with Knot

This style is similar to the one above but more experimental. Red, high-up pony.

Half Up Curls and Hairband

Some like a more relaxed appearance. Her front and top hair is pulled back and fixed here.

Short and Spunky Red

Cat Valentine is back. Her hair is shorter than normal and the red is striking.

Pony with Extra Volume

Ariana Grande's high pony gets reimagined. Her hair is medium dark and wrapped around her head.

Red Side Curls

Party hair is generally combed to one side. Its curls conceal part of the face. Brush the other side over the other shoulder.

Low Side Ponytail

Side ponytails are cute and uncomplicated. The hair is tied at the nape but pulled over one shoulder. The hair has a beautiful side twist.

Gentle Waves and Curls

Side hair is pulled back and fixed in the back. Her upper breast hair is curled but largely wavy.

Side Parted Red Hair with Layers

This one is juvenile. Red hair with jagged ends and noticeable layers will make you seem exciting. Simple side-parted hairdo.

Low Curly Ponytail

Ariana Grande's low ponytail may surprise you. This one begins at her nape and cascades in ringlets down her back. Sleek, pulled-back hair dominates.

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