10 Best Exercises To Regain Balance After 60

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Single-Leg Stand

First, a basic balancing exercise. Stand behind a strong, non-wheeled chair. Hold the chair back, elevate your left leg to calf level, and balance on your right leg. 


Walking to improve balance may seem ridiculous. However, sideways and heel-to-toe walking strengthens leg muscles and improves balance.

Step Up

This activity requires a step. This exercise is ideally done on a step with a railing or along a wall for seniors. 

Rock The Boat

For this exercise, stand upright with your gaze forward and your feet comfortably apart, pushed firmly to the ground. Hip-width gap between legs. 

Heel Raises

This workout strengthens ankle and calf muscles to enhance balance when standing or walking. Hold a chair back for support. Walls may also assist you. 

Side Leg Raise

Hold a chair with a high back for support. Straighten your legs slightly. Slowly raise your left leg on your side. 


Squats develop your pelvic and leg muscles, helping you balance and lose weight. 

Knee Curl

This exercise resembles the previous, the single-leg stand. Hold a chair back for support. Lift one leg straight and curl your foot toward your hips while maintaining your hips. 

Wall Push Ups

Face an empty wall with no windows, doors, or hangings. Your arm should reach the wall. Flatten your palms on the wall. Leaning forward will result. 


Yoga is our last and most effective workout. Yoga heals and strengthens your body, and even seniors may do the slow asanas. 

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