10 Bold Hair Tattoos for Women to Style Apart

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Undercut Portrait

This undercut design shows that getting a hair tattoo of a person needs courage. The face, hair, collar, and shirt are vaguely visible.

Undercut Line

You'll stand out because few individuals have this haircut design. Keep your undercut visible by draping your long hair over one shoulder.

Funky Afro with Double Lines

If you have an undercut, shave them into the side. To break up your natural hair color, add pink streaks to your afro hair.

Mohawk with Spirals

Cut a long, fluffy mohawk from black hair with purple highlights. Your hair should spiral down to your neck. Yellow spirals add to the tattoo look.

Loose Undercut Ponytail

Many ladies with undercuts want hair tattoos. Put your center portion and crown in a loose ponytail to show off your design.

Colorful Blonde Hair

Fine-haired women can still express themselves. Leave two shapes on one side of your head after shaving. Color these shapes in emo girl hues.

Ponytail Undercut

Instead of getting an undercut on the sides of your head, get one on the bottom.

Purple Mohawk

Many say mohawks resemble bird feathers. Shaving a bird into your head is an option. Stripe it to make it seem punk.

Casual Topknot

Always get the tattoo on the back of your head towards the nape. To show the design, put your hair in a topknot.

Colorful Buzzcut

Buzz cuts make it simple to display hair designs. Shave plenty of swirling lines into your head and colour distinct peach fuzz patches.

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