10-Minute Workout To Lose Belly Fat

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Skipping Rope

When done hard, skipping rope boosts metabolism and cardio. Double-leg jump skip rope for 45 seconds.

If you tire, alternate leg skips while twisting the rope. Jump jacks if you can't jump rope.

Jump Squats

Jump squats enhance metabolism. Jump squats burn a lot of calories and require maximum effort for 45 seconds.

Jump squat evenly and absorb force with a quarter squat. Land without bending your knees. If you tire, switch to conventional squats. Keep jogging for 45 seconds and keep the workout going.


Pushups work your upper body and core as your lower body recovers from the previous two exercises. This activity burns belly fat.

Raise your hands or knees to simplify. An aggressive clap between repetitions makes it harder. Find a steady 45-second tempo. Extra points for more than 45 pushups without failing.


Sprints are easy and effective fat-burners. Choose a 100-meter open field or a treadmill with a maximum speed setting to sprint.

Sprint at full speed on the treadmill for 45 seconds. Increase treadmill speed with the safety clip.


Burpees complete any metabolic circuit. The burpee is a high-intensity full-body power workout. Create an explosive rhythm and maintain your burpee rate for 45 seconds.

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