10 Most Suitable Hairstyles for Oval Faces Men

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Classic Shaggy Bangs

Protecting the forehead helps shorten oval-faced men's long foreheads and jaws.

Long Flowing Locks

Side-parted hair is swept away from the face. A manly goatee enhances it.

Short and Fluffy

Short hair draws focus to your upper face. The hairline has a little quiff and is short and fluffy. The quiff emphasizes the jaw-contrasting square hairline.

Stylish Pompadour

This hair is icy and stands up. Short, choppy hair surrounds it. It has a high fade and rough portion.

Wavy Side Swept Locks

A rough forehead wave helps. Soft hair is ideal for long front and brushed back sides. Heard roughens. It accentuates the jawline.

Forward and Side Swept Thin Hair

Hide thinning hair and a receding hairline by brushing your hair to one side and hiding your hairline.

Tall Curly Tendrils

Black males have unusual hairstyles. The hair coils into bunches of tendrils here.

Thin Braided Look

Braids linked to a little part of short hair on top will draw attention. The head and face are stubbly.

Hard Part and Sleek Side Sweep

Sharp, fashionable hard components. The sharpness balances the jawline of guys with oval faces. One-sided hairstyles are fashionable.

Curls and Braids

Trendy, unusual cuts are usually nice. Very unusual. Curls cover the forehead. A side-brushed undercut is seen. Two strands cover the rough separating.

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