10 Short Spiky Haircuts for Women Over 60

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Playful Spiky Pixie

Fun and edge define this style! It's easy to style and maintain despite its non-pixie short appearance. Good hairstyle for self-promoters.

Sassy Short Cut for Thick Hair

Changing your hairdo at 60+ is OK. Duplicate this shaggy pixie and add highlighted feathers, and your new inspired hairdo is set!

Auburn Spiky Pixie and Micro Bangs

How about a spiky pixie for older women? With a rich auburn hair color, everyone will appreciate your new look!

Blonde Pixie

Pixie cuts are low-maintenance and stylish on older ladies. This textured crown and spiky layers haircut can add texture and volume to thinning hair.

Delicate Purple Spiky Pixie

To add color to your tidy natural appearance, add some fashionable embellishments. Feathered layering and purple-gray color give your short hair movement.

Modern Gray Pixie

You may match your gray hair with a pixie haircut, which works for all ages. This haircut will help you appear confident and stylish, as you are.

Short Feathered Pixie Haircuts

Feathered layers provide texture and complexity to your short strands, while wispy bangs highlight your eyes and make your gaze more expressive.

Shaved Nape Pixie Cut

This is a timeless short pixie haircut! The neck undercut highlights the crown, elongating the face and eliminating roundness if needed.

Dark Red Pixie with Undercut

Reddish hues, notably, suit older women. This short, edgy pixie with a trendy undercut looks great in dark red! It's stylish!

Two-Toned Jagged Spiky Pixie

With multi-tone hair color, jagged pixie is stunning! Lighten your crown hair to provide volume.

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