10 Stylish Fringe Haircuts for Men

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The Caesar

The Caesar's adaptability and ability to disguise receding hairlines make it popular.

Hard-Edge Caesar

This Caesar has a stiffer front. The sleek, aggressive appearance requires more regular trims to retain the harsh edge.

Mod Caesar Fringe

You may customize this mod-style fringe to suit your hair. Instead of a harsh fringe, thick, wavy hair might have a looser, textured fringe.

Curly Caesar

Easily achievable for comparable hair types, the wavy curls soften the image.

Natural Medium-Length Locs

Mid-length locs work up or down. Locs touch slightly over eye level, highlighting the style's natural smoothness.

Grown-Out Caesar

The length complements natural wave and texture, and the flattened front line keeps it current. This is the lowest-maintenance appearance. Wash, dry, and drop.

Funky Caesar

As bleaching may dull and frizz hair, using a style lotion to add luster.

'90s Curtains

Use a low-heat blow dryer on the roots to obtain the correct volume, then smooth in a little medium- to high-shine style cream to reduce frizz.

Flat-Ironed Front

This early 2000s style involves a flat iron to flatten hair on the forehead. If you've never used one, ask your barber beforehand to avoid singeing your fringe.

Straight Textured Crop Fringe

A modern and traditional casual appearance. Salt spray damp hair and blow dry front. To add grip, finish with matte clay.

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