10 Tips To Make Your Hair Grow Faster and Stronger

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frequent hair trims

Haircuts remove split ends, which damage hair. Breakage-free hair looks quicker. Breaking split ends can cause hair to lose length, gloss, volume, and smoothness.

always eat right diet

Try seafood, beans, almonds, and whole grains for protein. For hair development, consume protein even if you don't like meat. Insufficient amounts cause hair loss in women.

eat hair healthy vitamins

'For hair, skin, and nails' multivitamins are best. Biotin, C, and B vitamins help hair health.

more hydrate and less shampoo

Two to three shampoos a week allow natural oils to infiltrate your hair, hydrating and repairing it. "Volumizing" or "thickening" shampoos quickly thicken hair.

Lay off the bleach

Bleach damages the hair cuticle, causing breakage and split ends. Less chemical treatments improve hair growth.

don't heat your hair for styling

Quit over-styling. If you must use heat, he suggests lowering the temperature and always using a heat protectant to avoid breakage and frizz.

brush your hair regularly

When you're fatigued, brushing your hair might improve its health.

focus on scalp care

Hot showers dry skin and hair. Cleanse your scalp gently by lowering the water temperature. Shampooing with your fingertips thoroughly cleans and improves circulation.

save your hair from damaging

Instead of washing, detangle hair prior. Wet hair breaks easily. Water expands and strains the hair shaft, lifting the shingle-like outer layer, which can break when brushed.

use silk pillowcase to sleep

Switching pillowcases to silk can improve hair overnight. Silk reduces hair breakage and knots.

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