10 Top Pixie Haircuts for Women Over 60

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Feathered Pixie Haircut

Women over 60 who want to embrace gray hair would love this platinum blonde pixie. A short hairstyle looks feminine with a longer feathery fringe around the face.

Short Pixie for Fine Hair

This charming salt-and-pepper crop is low maintenance and creative. Mattifying paste adds texture.

Textured Pastel Pink Pixie

This dusky pink pixie crop is perfect for mature women. Why not a pink pixie haircut like Judy Dench? Ask your stylist for subtle pink tones to spice up your palette.

Very Short Pixie Cut

This edgy crop with a dark, deep hue is perfect for over-60 women who prefer to experiment with their style.

Punky Pixie Cut

You'll express your rebellious side with severely trimmed sides and a quiff. Apply heavy grip wax to adjust quiff height.

Asymmetrical Pixie with Long Bangs

Long side-swept bangs assist keep facial length when cutting longer hair short. Choppy layers expertly thin thick hair. This short cut looks elegant on round faces.

Pixie Hairstyle with Wispy Bangs

One of the greatest pixie haircuts for women over 60 with a revitalizing impact, the colour brings color to the cheekbones and enhances the entire look.

Pixie Bob Cut for Straight Hair

Long pixie hairstyles with deep side parts and hair tucked behind the ear are elegant. Pulling hair to one side gives delicate hair volume.

Curly Pixie Cut

Curly gray hair looks gorgeous, and it may be the appropriate moment to transition as curls add volume to thinning hair.

Pixie Cut with Shaggy Bangs

This design evokes the 1960s with height in the back and shaggy bangs. Mature ladies look stylish with feathery edges that complement facial features.

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