12 Half Up Half Down Wedding Hairstyles

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Boho Braid

Bohemian style is laid-back and fun. Horizontal twists enhance your half-up hairdo! With an iron curler, loosely twist your hair.


This haircut is perfect for stylish, attractive people. This is one of the easiest hairstyles on this list. Side-part your hair. Curl the ends for volume afterward.

Criss-Cross Half Up Half Down

This haircut is also wedding-appropriate. This hairstyle involves crisscrossing two pieces of hair from either side.

The Narrow Twisted

Many brides desire simple, elegant haircuts. They desire a modest but noticeable hairdo. This elegant haircut is simple.

Brown Curly Half Up Half Down

Brown warms the appearance. Hairstyle updo is done in the rear middle.

Bouffant Wavy Half Up Half Down

This hairdo requires texture spray. After combing, spritz the hair. After drying, heat the curling rods to medium. Roll and keep them.

Hippie Wedding Hairdo

This style emphasizes carefreeness. This hairdo requires additional maintenance. Stop detangling and apply texture spray.

Indian Bridal Hairstyle

This up-and-down haircut is balanced. Slowly braid the side parts following the front piece. Fix the side braid in the center and pin it out of sight.

Curly Medium Hairstyle

This hairdo may be the most feminine and appealing. Medium-haired ladies suit this look. This requires iron curls and waves.

Frill Braid

First, create a delicate crown bouffant. To create a frill braid hairstyle, start with a three-strand braid on the sides and combine strands from the top.

Stunning, Half Up Half Hair Down

The twist and roll-ups are done on center with the Pony reversed to produce a lovely indented center. Place a green fern next to the Greater Emphasis hairdo.

Wavy Textured

The most crucial aspect of a wedding is choosing a hairdo that won't restrict movement.

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