5 Signs Your Partner Is Doing Love Bombing To You

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Great gestures become grand asks

Love bombing is identified by spectacular gestures turning into grand requests.

The partner asks for large things like moving in together, pooling bank accounts, spending less time with others, or checking in regularly.

It's excessively early

They hurry relationship definition or commitment. Instead of letting the connection develop naturally, they may instantly introduce you to their family and

friends or talk about "locking down" or formalizing it. Love bombing projects a relationship that may never exist.

It's dishonest

Love bombing can feel like Taylor Swift's "Blank Space," when their love is generic. For instance, two dozen roses when she didn't like roses and

love letters with lots of emotion but few details. The movements seemed to apply to any companion, not just one."

It's oppressive

Trust your instincts if you're overwhelmed by the attention. Remember that strong relationships require mutual respect and trust.

Unrespected boundaries

If your lover doesn't respect your boundaries, break up. Self-preservation is crucial. If you need help, ask friends, family, or professionals.

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