7 Medium-Length Cuts and Styles For Fine Hair Women

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Blunt With Light Layers

A blunt shoulder-length cut with light layers will have volume and fluidity.

Romantic Waves

Easy to attain. To lift damp hair, use a volumizing product at the root.

Then, blow-dry hair smooth with a big paddle brush, guiding sections upward and drying the root from below for volume.

Wavy and Slightly Tapered

Waves give structure and movement, making fine hair look fuller and healthier. The disheveled texture gives it a cool-girl vibe.

Beachy Waves

Beach waves give limp hair body by lifting and undulating. Red lipstick and strong brows help too.

Interior or Invisible Layers

Interior or unseen layers add structure and volume to thin hair.

Softly Curled Ends

Elle Fanning's delicately curled ends make her hair buoyant.

Long Layers With Soft Waves

If you have fine hair, avoid a layer-heavy cut, but we recommend a different layered appearance.

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