7 Tips to Make Your Gray Hair Shiny and Soft

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Use conditioner And moisturizing shampoo

Gray hair is dry and harsh because the hair follicle produces less sebum with age. Thus, moisturizing shampoos and conditioners are recommended.

add a Color-correcting shampoo

Gray hair is pigmentless. It discolors easily when it loses pigment. A white T-shirt loses its crispness with use. Pollution, hard water, and sun damage gray hair too. 

Nurture your scalp

Healthy scalps mean healthy hair. Your forehead and roots are equally as vital as your hair. Scalp scrubs are his favorites. This renews skin cells and loosens scalp skin.

remember to Add a gloss

A hair gloss gives salon-fresh hair. This is your manicure's clear top coat or lipstick's gloss. Luckily, you can gloss at home. It's evident, says Patterson.

less often Wash

Frequent washing causes dry and brittle gray hair. Shiny, healthy hair requires scalp oils. Overwashing can deprive hair of vital oils.

always clean your hair tools and accesories

Dirty brushes and heated equipment can transmit product and environmental debris to your hair, dulling your grey.

How to: Shampoo, comb, and air-dry brushes. Alcohol removes grime from heated tools. Don't clean hot tools!

eat healthy foods and drink enough water

Watch what you eat for smooth, shining grays. Keep yourself hydrated. For healthy, lustrous hair, drink adequate water.

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