85-cent Blizzards available for limited time At Dairy Queen

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Those who enjoy Dairy Queen have something to look forward to as the temperature continues to rise.

On March 27, the firm introduced a new lineup of Blizzard flavors and lowered the price of the frozen treats to be less than one dollar.

Customers of Dairy Queen who use the DQ mobile app may get the chain's iconic dessert for the low price of 85 cents from April 10 through April 23.

This promotion is in honor of 1985, the year the Blizzard was first introduced.

This offer is only accessible through downloading the corresponding app.

Oreo cookie pieces and brookie pieces (brownie and cookie baked together) are combined with vanilla soft serve to create a

new flavor of blizzard that is being offered this summer. The Oreo Brooie Blizzard is one of the options available.

Which blizzards will return?

Cotton Candy
Choco Dipped Strawberry

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