9 Attractive Pixie Haircuts for Women over 50

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Feathered Pixie for Fine Hair

There are several pixie haircuts for women over 50 with fine hair. Choose one that suits you best. The chaotic, feathery look with highs and lows works.

Two-Toned Choppy Pixie

This edgy two-tone pixie's wispy side-swept bangs frame the forehead, while the added, chocolate sideburns highlight the cheekbones and ears.

Razored Pixie with Balayage

This shaggy cut with feathery layers is a trendy, uncomplicated short haircut for thick hair. Blowdry or airdry.

Rounded Pixie with Highlights

Wear a long pixie with forehead-sweeping feathery bangs. The long side pieces might cover the ears, but leave them angled to frame your cheekbones.

Pixie Cut with Blonde Highlights

Short pixie hairstyles for 50-year-old ladies have a disheveled top and trimmed back. Long, silver-gray accents compliment your frames and create a stylish statement.

Rounded Feathered Pixie with Babylights

Pixie haircuts for women over 50 with long feathery layers are natural and easy to manage. Babylights gloss over dishwater blonde foundation grays.

Asymmetrical Pixie with Messy Volume on Top

Pixie hairstyles are lifted with crown teasing. For a messy look, ruffle, tease, and root lift. This haircut is stunning without streaks.

Youthful Short Layered Haircut

The short, jagged cut with random lengthy chunky parts is athletic but not tomboyish. Ash blonde balayage is a natural approach to hide gray hair.

Voluminous Silver Gray Pixie

Feather your silver-gray hair back in a wedge shape. Pixie haircuts for women over 50 are spunky and versatile. For everyday wear, change the portion or smooth it back.

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