9 Elegant Short Hairstyles for Women Over 40

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short black hairstyle

This pixie-to-bob haircut is attractive. Straight, textured. This haircut suits wider faces with medium-textured, dense hair.

jaw length blonde bob

A deep side part modernizes it as your hair matures. Detangle with a wide-tooth comb to style. Protect your hair from heat-styling equipment using a heat protectant.

shaggy mullet hairstyle

This choppy-fringed shaggy mullet looks great on women over 40. Short top layers give hair volume and substance. Tousle the choppy fringe for additional face-framing texture.

highlighted blonde curls

Tight golden curls are returning this year. This realistic short hairdo illuminates and refreshes your face.

side swept pixie cuts

Pixie hairstyles are easy to maintain at home. They're simple to dress, wash, and always look fantastic. A fast blow dry and wax or pomade make styling easy.

short mullet shag

If you desire length and femininity, try a small mullet shag. Curls and volume give a classic yet sophisticated aesthetic. You'll appreciate this hairstyle's confidence!

undone braids

Undone braids are the ultimate quick-but-put-together look. Undone braids provide a beachy wave curl look, reduce frizz, and save time on styling!

red tousled short hair

This stylish haircut is adaptable. Dark red hair will transform your look. Tousled short hair with a deep dark red hue is the perfect new cut and color.

edgy pixie

Maintain a haircut that's short and playful with modest yellow highlights!

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