9 High Ponytails Hairstyles Every Occasion women

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9. Classic Curls

Rihanna's free curls enhance her high, voluminous ponytail. We adore the groomed baby hairs in the front that give this look a 90s vibe.

8. Sleek and Voluminous

Hailey's high ponytail is smooth, shiny, and not flat like other ponytails.

7. Max Length

The smooth top and gentle curls of J.Lo's ponytail are beautiful. This design may suit you if you prefer more-is-more styling.

6. Expert Asymmetry

Beyoncé's high ponytail is unique. Who knew off-center hair collecting would look so good? This sophisticated appearance is excellent for an evening out.

5. Teased Texture

High ponytails look wonderful sleek, but frizz may also look beautiful. Ciara's fancy version would suit textured hair.

4. Precise Placement

Ponytails are great for their "facelift" effect. Ponytails define the face and bone structure, but don't knot them too tightly to avoid damage.

3. Simple Glamour

Kacey Musgraves' modest ponytail highlights her boho attire. A twisted wrap-around hides the base and matches her dress.

2. Color Contrast

Why not copy Katy Perry and wear a high ponytail that complements your highlights to experiment with different hues without dyeing your hair?

1. Ultra-Sleek

We couldn't do a high ponytail hairstyle roundup without Ariana Grande. She nails this look every time.

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