9 Most Attractive Hairstyles for Heart-Shaped Faces

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Blue Ombre

Blue and purple are stunning colors on their own, but when blended together, they create stunning hairstyles for heart-shaped faces.

Two Braids

This is for women who need new hair styling ideas. Braid hairstyles are always in style.

Vibrant Red Waves

If Red is your favorite color, try dyeing your hair with it. Adding waves to your design can make it look more stylish than just using the color red.

Ponytail With Side Bangs

Girls with long hair have always worn ponytails. The usual ponytail can appear dull, but they always manage to impress us.

Long Blonde Hair

Blonde hair is always on the list of hairstyles for heart-shaped faces. Do it now if you haven't already!

Middle Part Light Waves

This hairstyle can be helpful when you're short on time and unable to create a more elaborate hairstyle.

Curly Bob With A Side Part

Bob haircuts are perfect for heart-shaped faces. The reward is doubled if you have curly hair. Disprove the notion that curly hair is only attractive when it's long.

Sleek Space Buns

 Sleek space buns are a great hairstyle for women with a heart-shaped face and work well with any hair type.

Choppy Bangs for Straight Hair

Heart-shaped faces can look great with bangs. Alert! Different types of bangs are appropriate for specific hair types, specifically straight hair.

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