9 Super Stylish Curly Hairstyles for Women Over 45

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Messy Blonde Curls

This lovely haircut is perfect for naturally curly hair. After using mousse or other style products, disperse your hair. You'll get airy, voluminous curls like these.

Curly Hairstyle for Gray Hair

How do you acquire these gorgeous, well-groomed curls? Moisture again! With the correct product, your naturally curly hair will appear salon-fresh.

Natural Curls

Medium curly haircuts are ideal for folks who struggle to manage long curly hair. In your early 60s, natural wavy hair adds volume and airiness.

Sun-Kissed Curly Bob

Highlights and bangs give your loose curls volume and a fun, flirting look. For elderly women, the golden blonde color and root smudge hide silver strands.

Blonde Curly Hairstyle

Gray hairs and thinning ends increase in women over 50. This lovely bob with copious gray curls will highlight your attractiveness and confidence!

Asymmetrical Bob

Curly bob cuts are certainly one of the greatest haircuts for curly-haired ladies over 50. Instead of a traditional bob, try an asymmetrical bob with well-defined curls.

Playful Curly Pixie Bob

Want something sassy and fabulous? Short curly hair with a disheveled crown and voluminous back is great. This haircut will make you adore your curls even more!

Messy Highlighted Pixie Bob

Try this wild curly haircut with untidy style and brightening teasylights. The fashionable hairdo will enhance your natural curls.

Curly Inverted Bob

Curls and layers provide volume. So choose one of these stunning curly hairstyles for women over 50—you won't regret it! This hairstyle will enhance your characteristics.

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