Adorable Dog Breeds That Look Like Puppies

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One of the most popular Toy breeds is the energetic Pomeranian. This breed produces a lovely and socialized pet.

Due of their diminutive size, these adorable fluffballs will always have puppy faces.

These little firecrackers, descended from the German Spitz and popular in Victorian times, are stubborn and devoted.


These tiny pups have been lifelong puppies. Melitaie, the Ancient Greek and Roman lapdog, was depicted on vases and murals.

Their lengthy coats often reach the floor. Maltese seem so royal that many people bow them.

Many owners trim their long, silky coat for easier care. Early training can quiet them.


Queen Elizabeth II loves Corgis. The American Kennel Association ranks this smart and friendly breed 13th out of 196 breeds.

Cattle-herding Corgis are stumpy favorites. They're still masters despite having longer legs. They have puppylike features and petite bodies.

People forget that Corgis are busy herding dogs that need lots of physical and mental exercise to be happy and healthy.

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