Aldi's Spring Macarons Arrived At The Shelves

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Aldi's rotating selection is one of our favorite things. Spring-themed macarons were on shelves in the chain's Instagram weekly roundup.

Some buyers said they will visit Aldi to see the seasonal deals after hearing the news. User wrote, "Love French macarons. Wanted more tastes."

Aldi's spring macaron variety is $5.29 per 12-pack (depending on location). Three macarons have 150 calories, similar to Oreos.

Aldi sells macarons year-round for spring macaron aficionados. The year-round collections have unique flavors, however some flavors overlap.

We could debate the greatest macaron flavors all day, but Aldi has several. Six-flavor Carefully Picked Assortment Macarons are offered year-round.

Aldi announced two fruit and classic collections in December 2022. These packs divide up the flavors from the original collection.

Aldi launched holiday macarons in chocolate orange, peppermint, gingerbread, and chocolate hazelnut. Seasonal tastes are the key.

The internet loves limited-edition macarons. Instagram user "Aldi macarons are life!" another preferred raspberry and pistachio.

So, those two macaron flavors are year-round.

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