Applebee's Spring Drink Menu Is Here!

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Anybody who's driven in America has seen an Applebee's. More than 90% of Americans know Applebee's. The coronavirus pandemic made it the most popular chain restaurant in eight states.

Applebee's deals may explain its restaurant success. Two dinners and an appetizer cost $24. Yet insiders know Applebee's bar has the best deals.

March 2018 Applebee's served $2 Absolut vodka lemonades. Captain Morgan and cola cocktails were $2 all January 2019.

Applebee's just brought back "Saintly Sips" for St. Patrick's Day, defying the COVID-19 pandemic's popularity.

Applebee's Tipsy Shark and Strawberry Daq-a-Rita return for spring.

An April 3 Applebee's press release announced its $6 Cerveza & Sips promotion. Three $6 beverages welcome spring in the limited-time deal.

After the winter, Modelo is a delightful beer on a warm day. Nonetheless, the $6 special's titular sips can turn Applebee's into a tropical paradise.

Fans can order the Tipsy Shark, a fruity blue CuraƧao and tequila cocktail with a scary gummy shark. A delightful frozen Strawberry Daq-a-Rita is also available.

Applebee's customers can order the cocktail for takeaway and enjoy spring in their backyards.

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