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Aries - Ferret

Aries require an energetic pet. Like you, ferrets have trouble sitting still.

Taurus - Hamster

Taureans are so calm that they're almost lying down. They like to be held, so a soft hamster that doesn't need much care is a great choice.

Gemini - Parrot

Geminis, who talk a lot, get along well with parrots. Geminis can hang out with African Gray birds all day long.

Cancer - Hedgehog

Cancers are sharp, but they are also caring. Cancer might like to help save a hedgehog.

Leo - Chicken

Chickens and Leos hate being forgotten because they are so loud. Even the most annoying Leo can't be as loud as a pet chicken.

Virgo - Greyhound

Like Virgos, these sweet dogs need structure. They won't shed fur like some dogs do, which would bother Virgos.

Libra - Rabbit

Libras who are in balance love beauty and giving and receiving love. Rabbits are adorable pets.

Scorpio - Snake

Snakes don't scare scorpions. A fiery Scorpio might be interested in snakes.

Sagittarius - Horse

Sagittarians love to try new things, and a horse might be the perfect friend for them.

Capricorn - Guinea pig

Capricorns who work long hours shouldn't get a pet that needs a lot of care. Guinea pigs can play by themselves all day and be ready to be cuddled when you get home.

Aquarius - Lizard

Aquarians are different and love space. Lizards are strange pets that don't require much care.

Pisces - Fish

Fish are natural favorites for Pisces. Both trust their instincts and act on them.

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