Caitlin Clark send clear message to Joe Biden

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After the LSU Tigers beat the Iowa Hawkeyes in the championship game of the 2023 NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament on Sunday afternoon,

First Lady Jill Biden caused a stir when she suggested that both teams come to the White House to celebrate. Iowa star Caitlin Clark thinks it sounds bad.

Caitlin Clark said in an interview on Tuesday afternoon that she wouldn't go to the White House as the runner-up because she thinks LSU should be the winner.

Clark said in the interview, "I don't think runner-ups usually go to the White House."

LSU should be happy for them in that moment. Congratulations, of course. They have a place there.

I might be able to go to the White House on different terms. I guess that's LSU. I think they should be happy about being winners. It belongs to them."

Jill Biden has changed her mind about her plan for both teams to go to the White House.

LSU seems to be the only team that has been asked.

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