Chick-Fil-A Isn't Removing Side Salad After All

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Chick-fil-A cherishes customers. The fast-food chain has many customer satisfaction awards. Chick-fil-A takes complaints. Chick-fil-A restored their side salad in April 2023.

Customers received paper flyers in March 2023 when Chick-fil-A discontinued side salads. Chick-fil-A reintroduced the side salad after Facebook customers complained.

Customers liked the side salad as a healthier alternative to fried chicken sandwiches. For a lighter side, Chick-fil-side A's salad has mixed greens, shredded cheese, and crispy red peppers.

Three more salads—cobb, market, and spicy Southwest—are served as entire meals at the fast food establishment. Luckily, Chick-fil-side A's salad won't be discontinued.

Like other fast-food companies, Chick-fil-A tests new dishes and reassesses its menu. Adding menu items from the chain's test kitchen to chains nationwide is a five-step procedure.

Chick-fil-A spent four years creating a cauliflower sandwich. When a menu item is removed, consumers are occasionally informed, but sometimes they are not.

Watermelon and mint drinks return to Chick-fil-spring A's menu. Watermelon mint lemonade over ice, frosted, and iced tea are available.

The menu launched on April 3, 2023, to correspond with the side salad's departure, however diners can now have both.

The lemonade, unlike the salad, is only available while supplies last throughout spring 2023.

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