Coca-Cola Recently Partnered With Supermodel Gigi Hadid

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Coca-latest Cola's commercial emphasizes the ties formed over meals and Coke with loved ones. "A Recipe for Magic" encourages people to think about their "recipe" for family and friends.

Coca-first Cola's ad featured supermodel Gigi Hadid. Hadid and pals make spaghetti, dine, and toast with Coca-Cola in the 30-second advertisement.

Coca-Cola used American Heart Association data to reinforce their pitch. In a 1,000-person study, 84% wanted to eat more with family,

and 67% thought shared meals reminded them of the importance of relationships.

The company announced that more content producers will join the "Recipe for Magic" program. Start with Hadid.

Hadid has always loved cooking, as her mother believed family dinners were the most important meal of the day.

Teaming up with celebs that prioritize family dinners might make headlines. Gigi Hadid was Coca-first Cola's spokeswoman to ensure that.

Hadid described pleasure as cooking and spending time with loved ones in a 2016 interview.

I make this really fantastic tomato soup from scratch and I do it with grilled cheese sandwich dippers on the side," she added of her best dish.

"For my grandma, the finest cook ever, to love it makes me believe it's probably the nicest thing I prepare," she said.

The "Hell's Kitchen" chef praised the supermodel. Chef called Hadid "one of the most refined foodies on the globe" when she won "MasterChef" fame.

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