Culver's New Smokehouse BBQ Cheddar Is Hitting Menus

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the fast-food chain introduced a new flavor combination for its burgers, sandwiches, and traditional plates.

Culver's flavors are simple but tasty. Fried or grilled chicken sandwiches have lettuce, tomato, and pickles.

If you want something different, Culver's Butterburger, created with a griddled, buttered bun, features a mushroom Swiss burger or two patty melts.

Smokehouse BBQ cheddar adds flavor. Wait—it gets better. Not just burgers will have this flavor combo. Smokehouse BBQ cheddar is another choice for Culver's crispy chicken sandwiches.

Culver's customers choose their adventure because the flavor combination works nicely with beef and chicken.

Sharp cheddar cheese, onion rings, dill pickle chips, mayonnaise, and sweet and smokey BBQ sauce cover the protein.

Culver's is improving the burger or chicken sandwich. Barbecue BBQ cheddar sandwiches will also have cheddar buns. The bun will contain real cheddar cheese.

The smokehouse BBQ cheddar selections will be available for a limited time for Culver's aficionados who crave sweet and savory.

Culver's outlets nationwide will offer the new flavors from April 10 through June 11.

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