Dating Mistakes Derailing Your Relationships

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too fast moving you try

Trying to move the relationship further before your potential love partner is ready might cause tension and perhaps end it.

If you get into a relationship, moving too fast might hurt you.

too strong you're coming to

Showing interest is vital in dating because people want to be wanted. "Coming on too strong" might quickly derail everything.

Over interesting your partner may turn them off. Calling, messaging, and discussing the future may make them uncomfortable and stop the relationship.

you make everything only about you

Relationships are mutual. If a potential suitor thinks you don't want to know them, they'll go.

Talking too much about oneself might make our love partners feel left out, lonely, and angry.

you only focus on negative side

Too many chats about your unpleasant life experiences, world views, ideas, and emotions might overwhelm and turn off a possible love partner.

You want your future partner to enjoy being with you.

not like yourself

It's different than pretending to be someone else. Long-term relationships require authenticity.

Attempting to be someone else to impress or because you're frightened someone won't like you is a mistake.

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