Does Long Hair Make You Look Older After 40?

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This issue has yet to be decided by the judges. Some claim that having long hair makes you seem older, while others insist that the key is in how you wear it.

There are a few considerations you should make before you go for the buzz cut if you're over the age of 40.

Think about your face's form first. Long hair may lend the illusion of length and make a round face appear longer and thinner, making you look years younger.

But long hair might make you seem older and more stern if your face is square or angular.

Second, consider your hair's natural texture. Hair that is too thin or fine may not stay in place, while hair that is too thick may appear stringy or flat.

However, if your hair is full and thick, you may experiment with a variety of styles that will make you appear and feel young and vibrant.

Last but not least, remember to add some color! New hair color might help if your current shade has become dull or brassy.

To add depth to your hair, try going a shade lighter or darker than your natural hue, or getting some highlights or lowlights done.

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