Elegant High Bun Hairstyles for women over 60

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Prom Updo

The updo is still party-ready. However, prom is appropriate. A crown doughnut and face-framing waves make the hairstyle elegant.

Loose Bun Updo

Long hair makes a high bun harder. Loose bun updos help reduce hairstyle size in such situations. You'll love its gorgeous appearance.

Messy Bun

It's stylish and secure, with a knobbly crown. Since not all the hair was long enough to stay in the style, strands fall out towards the back.

Ballet Bun

Another ballerina-inspired haircut. The top knot is elegant, and the hair lies flat on the scalp. Black women may show off their gelled baby hairs with this style.

Blonde Braided Bun

Make a knotted bun on your head. It's elegant and precisely sectioned, perfect for everyday and business-casual use.

Pastel Pink Formal Look

You need an eye-catching style to match pastel pink. A big bun with plenty of overlapping parts and volume works well. Loose hair frames the face.

Elegant Hairdo with Highlights

When hair is pushed back, highlights look wonderful. Curls and overlapping parts make this appear royal, and highlights make it pop.

High Bun with Bangs

This style adds volume by knotting all the long hair on top of the head. This bridal haircut has thick, long bangs and a side lacy white hairpiece.

Side Parted with Accessory

Slicked back hair is common in high buns. This one is smooth with a great side parting and a loose bun. Beaded accessories elevate a plain outfit.

Cute Space Buns

This style is the cutest and most fun! A central parting and two huge space buns on each side of the head give this a youthful look.

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