Genius Curly Hair Tips and Tricks for Best Curls

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Comb hair upwards

Instead than accumulating knots at the bottom and tugging, detangling hair from the bottom up lets you gently untangle each knot.

Our experts recommend saturating hair with a good detangler and using a wide-tooth comb or detangling brush to detangle curly hair.

Regular trims prevent broken ends

Damaged hair looks bad, and split ends make it frizzy. Get a haircut every six to eight weeks for healthy, bouncy curls.

Product "cocktailing" defines and hydrates curls

Product cocktailing involves combining two or more items for style. Smoothing serum, mousse, or coconut oil and curly hair style gel.

Try a one-step hair hydrator

If you don't have time to cocktail, a serum, curl cream, or leave-in for curly hair may smooth, define, and separate curls without crunch.

Don't over-product curls

Don't use too much product on dry or dull hair. Apply a dime-sized glob of styling cream or oil to your ends with your hands to add hydration and bounce.

Spray an easy-to-use conditioning spray on the ends of thin hair for lightweight moisture. Cream-based leave-in conditioners hydrate and define wet hair.

Apply product carefully

Apply your favorite styler to wet hair with wet hands using "praying hands" approach to preserve the curl pattern: The product and thorough hair saturation prevent frizz.

The "pineapple technique" overnight curl definition

This maintains volume and curl pattern while avoiding bedhead. Take the pony out and shake hair to wear it down.

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