Highly Intelligent Super Pigs Are Invading America

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Canadian hybrid super pigs are crossing into the northern US.

Pigs threaten wildlife and may be difficult to eradicate. Pigs have spread more in recent years.

In Canada, super pigs—a combination of domestic pigs and wild boars—are loose. They now want the US.

After a market collapse two decades ago, some farmers let their hybrid pigs run free.

Field and Stream says they're running wild. Super pigs are likely traveling south to Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, and Michigan.

“That pigs can survive in such a frigid climate is one of the huge surprises of this issue,” Leader of the University of Saskatchewan's Canadian Wild Pig Research Project told.

Super pigs have crossed the international boundary into North Dakota. As the hybrid population grows, expect more. Like on public transit, report what you see.

Super pigs often go nocturnal to escape recreational hunters. Sometimes sounders disperse or withdraw to forests or marshes.

The Judas Pig approach, which uses a GPS collar to direct game officials to super pigs, has worked best. Only deception may save us.

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