How to Choose Best Eggs at the Grocery Store

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Check the size of egg

The USDA requires size-labeled eggs nationwide. Jumbo, extra-large, big, medium, and tiny.

"Pee-wee" eggs are also found. If you're baking or cooking precisely, choose the proper size egg. Jumbo and tiny eggs have different volumes. Most recipes call for big eggs.

Know the grades of egg

Interior and external evaluations evaluate eggs. Clean, smooth, consistent AA eggs. 

Graders utilize candling to measure air, white thickness, and yolk size and shape.

Be wary of labels of eggs

Unfortunately, egg cartons have a broad list of similar-sounding labels, which confuses buyers.

Despite sounding amazing, many buzzwords are unregulated marketing jargon that provide little information about what you're buying.

Go with a farmer or brand you trust

You should stay with a trusted egg manufacturer since egg cartoons might mislead. 

Local eggs are sold at farmer's markets, where you may talk to the poultry producers. This guarantees egg quality and sustainability.

Check under the lid

Once you've discovered the right size and quality of eggs, open the carton and take a look. Eggs are fragile and may be damaged during transport to the grocery store.

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