Is Red Wine Good for You?

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Red wine has been promoted as a way to stay healthy for a long time. As a key part of the Mediterranean diet, it has a strong link to heart health.

Red wine has a chemical called resveratrol that may protect blood arteries and lower LDL cholesterol. By lowering bad cholesterol, red wine may help avoid heart problems.

White wine and other boozy drinks have 10 times less flavonoid antioxidants than red wine. Grapes soak longer. This is better than vodka, which doesn't have vitamins

Antioxidant-rich foods lessen inflammation. This could help prevent diseases like cancer that are caused by reactive stress.

A small amount of red wine may also be good for the health of your intestines. A study from 2018 showed that its flavonoids may feed the good bacteria in the gut microbiome as prebiotics.

Before drinking merlot every night, you should think about whether its benefits are worth the risks. The "empty" calories in alcohol can cause weight gain quickly.

Getting sick is more likely when you drink. The NCI has found a link between drinking alcohol and cancers of the head, neck, breast, esophagus, liver, and rectum.

The NCI says that drinking modest amounts of red wine has not been linked to prostate or colon cancer.

Drinking too much can lead to gallstones, cirrhosis of the liver, and high blood pressure. Red wine doesn't make these things happen, but its vitamins won't help if you drink too much of it.

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