Japan Diners Arrested Over The Chopstick Prank

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Two Yoshinoya customers in Osaka, Japan, were detained when a joke went too far.

Toshihide Oka and Ryu Shimazu were charged with "obstruction of commerce" after filming themselves eating pickled ginger from the communal container with chopsticks.

Footage shows one man, presumably Shimazu, scooping ginger with chopsticks from the container into his mouth and returning for more.

A patron at a conveyor-belt sushi restaurant licked teacups and drank from communal soy sauce bottles, sickening other diners and workers.

Japan is arresting and charging these individuals to stop this conduct.

Toshihide Oka and Ryu Shimazu were charged with damaging property and obstructing business for poisoning the community ginger.

Oka told police, "I wanted laughs. Shimazu suddenly ate when I ordered him to do something hilarious." This prank failed because it endangered other consumers.

It also harmed the company's hygiene. The accused might also be charged with a three-year jail term.

Japan values cleanliness and respect, thus these unclean activities may offend. After the epidemic, people are still worried about becoming sick, especially while dining together.

Even in American all-you-can-eat buffets, clients should watch how management handles food and keeps it at the appropriate temperature, as well as how other visitors take food off serving trays.

Cross-contamination from grabbing food with bare hands and using serving ladles for many meals is a surefire way to get sick.

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