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Brown Highlights for Black Hair

This one has face-framing highlights for naturally black hair. They suit light, dusky, and dark complexion.

Caramel Highlights on Brown Hair

Caramel highlights complement dusky to dark complexion tones. These are perfect for medium-length or long dark hair. Instead of straight hair, curls or waves are ideal.

Blonde Highlights on Ash Blonde Hair

Everyone's heard of matching. Ash blonde hair needs blonde accents. It matches your hair.

Blonde Streaks

You may also get tiny golden layers between your hair, but face-framing highlights should focus on your face. To enhance your appearance, let your hair flow freely across your cheeks.

Auburn Foiling On Black Hair

To add volume to thin black hair, try them. Auburn foiling will work better than any lowlights.

Chestnut Streaks

Try these streaks for naturally black or dark hair once and witness the magic. We bet you won't consider altering your hair for 2-3 years.

Grey Babylights on Black Hair

Grey face-framing highlights on black hair provide a business look. They seem bold and sophisticated.

Honey Blonde Streaks

Honey golden highlights and wavy hair are your dream appearance. It disguises thin hair and matches every clothing.

Short Blonde Hair

Want face-framing highlights without sweating in summer? The remedy is short blonde hair.

Buttery Blonde Balayage

This haircut keeps your hair open without boredom. No matter your skin tone, those creamy golden balayage will sparkle. Outside curls improve your appearance.

Creamy Blonde With A Lob

Creamy blonde highlights complement your natural hair color and shine in front. Here, a straight lob is best.

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