McDonald's is making key changes to its burgers

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McDonald's Big Mac and cheeseburgers are getting four changes. Caramelized onions, softer buns, melted cheese, and Big Mac sauce are added.

McDonald's renamed their crispy chicken sandwich the McCrispy last month. McDonald's is changing their Big Mac and cheeseburgers.

Caramelized onions, softer buns, and melted cheese replace room-temperature cheese slices on burgers. The firm announced extra Big Mac sauce. 

"We discovered that small changes, like adjusting our process to get more intense, meltier cheese and tweaking our grill settings for a better sear,

combined up to a big difference that made our burgers more flavorful than ever," McDonald's USA's senior culinary innovation director stated in the announcement.

McDonald's stated the redesigned burgers will be available countrywide in 2024. However, over 10 west coast cities, including Los Angeles, Seattle, and Portland, provide them.

McDonald's burger changes follow its McCrispy makeover last month. The sandwich was upgraded in 2021.

McDonald's offered two limited-time chicken sandwiches, the Bacon Ranch McCrispy with Bacon Ranch deluxe McCrispy, in March as part of the brand change. 

McDonald's announced 10.3% US fourth-quarter same-store sales growth in late January. Even as inflation drove dining away, foot traffic rose 5%. 

In a major restructure this month, McDonald's fired off hundreds of corporate staff, including new hires. Staff who accepted benefit cuts were permitted to stay.

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