McDonald's Just Shut Down Its Offices

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In 2023, McDonald's will expand and innovate. As McDonald's develops, some employees will not like the latest change.

The brand has closed its US operations this week to remotely tell employees who were laid off as part of a significant restructure. The number of layoffs and types of roles are unknown at this time.

In January, CEO indicated the company was making "tough" employment decisions by April as part of a bigger strategic strategy, which started the layoffs conversation.

"Some occupations that are there today are either going to get transferred or those jobs may go away," CEO said in an interview.

McDonald's reported in February that it employs over 150,000 worldwide in corporate and company-owned restaurants, 70% of which are outside the US.

McDonald's is reportedly firing an undisclosed number of employees in April. citing an internal business email, claimed Sunday that the chain directed US and

certain international staffers to work from home today through Wednesday to announce employment decisions electronically.

McDonald's indicated it would announce major job and staffing decisions on April 3.

"Now, we're silos with centers, sectors, and markets. This method is antiquated and self-limiting because we repeat problems, don't share ideas, and are sluggish to develop "CEO remarked.

McDonald's did not immediately reply to inquiries about office closures and layoffs.

In 2023, the restaurant introduced the Strawberry Shortcake McFlurry, a classic lemonade, and two limited-edition versions of the McCrispy chicken sandwich line, which was called.

In February, it introduced its latest celebrity meal collaboration with married rappers Cardi B and Offset, which has been controversial.

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