McDonald's Sells 40 Chicken McNuggets for $10.99 For Limited Time

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Would like to have friends and influence? Maybe you'll see Harry Styles on tour and want to emulate the anonymous concertgoer who made history with her nasty behavior?

A 40-piece package of Chicken McNuggets is one of the fastest ways to make friends. The particular salt combination makes these juicy, golden newborns a hit.

The super-sized McNuggets are $10.99 for a limited time. In honor of a special day, the Golden Arches is offering this discount at participating restaurants nationwide.

McNugget prices vary across the nation. You forgot? This year, the crispy-coated chicken nugget turns 40. Instead of a Vegas weekend or a surprise party, the McNugget gets inflation lockdown.

The recently announced offer is accessible in Franchisees and through the application, so you can take your workers out to lunch or take the nuggets home to your family.

Mickey D's fans have found the special-priced nuggets in Illinois, Missouri, and North Carolina, with additional locations expected everyday.

If this deal isn't available in your location, there are additional McDonald's hacks and discounts.

Even if you have to pay full price for your 40-piece, you're helping the McNugget mature gracefully.

When the McNugget was introduced decades ago, who thought it would become the main food category for so many American kids, many of whom are now adults?

We celebrate the Chicken McNugget's history, especially when it's this inexpensive.

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