Most Negative Zodiac Signs According to Astrologers

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Scorpio is the most negative sign. Water signs like Cancer and Pisces are emotive. Like Capricorn, they hide their feelings. Scorpios distrust others because to prior hurt.


Saturn rules Capricorn, the zodiac's hard worker. They're negative, stiff, and emotionless.

Their persistence means they "see dangers and "what-ifs" everywhere. Expect no impromptu activity from them.


Cancer is recognized as the most emotional sign. They are "caring and compassionate. As a water sign and Moon sign, they're moody, emotional, and insecure.

Cancers must "experience all the feels." "therefore letting their emotions and fears shape their worldview.


Like Taurus, this sign dislikes uncertainty. Virgos desire order, structure, and hierarchy, and while change might improve such systems,

they're intensely aware of all the possible negative implications and side effects—usually before they happen.


They feel intensely and may struggle with limits as an emotional water sign. They may avoid conflict and struggle with decision-making.


Self-starters don't ask for aid. "They're ultra-competitive." Their intransigence helps them see only the negative in unfamiliar situations.

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