Our 10 Favorite Pin Up Hairstyles For Short Hair

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Vintage Waves

Enjoy these antique waves. Attending theme parties? To match the motif, curl your short hair.

Vintage Double Buns

Vintage short hair double buns. Use hair spray to maintain this style. Add a lovely polka dots outfit, cherry red lipstick, and tiny, winged eyeliner.

Pin Up with A Bow

Want black-and-white movies again? Bow your hair now. Arabic eyeliner and a lovely mole over your right lip finish the outfit.

Vintage Curls

How did 90s women shop? Try these pinup hairstyles on your short hair.

Wet Finger Waves

Wet finger waves on short hair will intimidate. Big earrings and black lipstick make your appearance bolder. Power in a terrible world awaits you.

Victory Roll With A Bow

Wonder how old romance felt? Try this outfit on a date and ask your date to dress similarly. It looks great with a long shirt and pants.

Pin Up Outside Curls

Since the appearance is adorable, keep makeup minimal. Your date will admire your look and stare at you the whole time. Thanks later!

Color Pop

You and your buddies may dress like movie stars and share retro atmosphere. Color your eyebrows with the same eyeliner. Name this appearance a terrifying laughing witch.

Romantic Curls

Show your innocence with your hair instead of your face. These outward curls enhance your face.

Victory Rolls

Victory rolls let you live out your 90s movie fantasy. This outfit makes you feel like a movie star. Wear a high-heeled apple-red dress and crimson lipstick.

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