Over 60 Women Prove Unicorn Hair Has No Age Limit

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Pretty in Lilac

Lilac tips gracefully mix into her natural silver roots to frame and enliven her face. The appearance is given dimension and fun by the waves.

Rainbow Fairy

With her new multicolored rainbow hair, she exudes envy. This placement uses your rainbow formula to make it bold but delicate.

Bold in Primary Blue

In addition to making the color stand out and giving the hair a focal point, this dramatic use of blue creates a lovely contrast that plays off her naturally white locks.

Ribbons of Color

This already dramatic design is given a lot more depth and dimension by preserving the darker, more natural root and adding back-to-back slices of color in the front.

Bold Fringe

A dramatic fringe color is the ideal method to add high-impact color to exquisite white hair. This is quite fashionable and gives the outfit a lot of punch.

Split-Color Hair

The half-violet, half-periwinkle hair color is the first thing that stands out as being quite cool.

Dusty Pink

Simply diluting the mixture will allow you to experiment with ultra-pastel hues. Just enough of a hue shift to get you to look twice is this dusty pink.

Funked-Up Faux-Hawk

She has a vibrant color scheme throughout her faux-hawk in addition to a little accent piece of color on the side, leaving the rest of her hair's natural hue.

Green Lady

When a natural white canvas is excellent for adding your favorite colors to your head, why restrict it to apparel and accessories?

Cool-Curled Hues

They assist these curls stay the center point by putting a few bits of red in the front to complement the magenta and violet well.

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