Popular Restaurant Chains That Serve Best Ribs

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4. Chili's

These ribs were harder than others and didn't taste slow-roasted or smoked.

Despite Chili's claims they're smoked in-house over pecan wood, they lack the fatty meatiness of smoked ribs.

BBQ sauce is sour instead of sweet and smoky. The acidic sauce and chewy meat made bites difficult to swallow.

3. LongHorn Steakhouse

These slim, smokless ribs had a pleasant chew. They were not dry but needed more fat for pro-level softness.

The sauce provided moisture but was excessively sugary. The honey-sweet sauce overshadowed the char and spices.

2. Outback Steakhouse

These ribs had melty fat, chewy meat, and a smokey sweetness. The spice permeated the meat, making every bite delicious down to the cleanly selected bone.

Just price separated these delicious ribs from #1. Buying a half rack of ribs for $22 when the complete rack costs $8 is pointless.

1. Texas Roadhouse

They were great! The sauce was first overly thick, but as the meat pulled off the bone, the melting fat gelled with the thick layer of scorched spice and sweet sauce.

This crunched well. The fall-off-the-bone ribs were tender and well-seasoned. Outback's ribs were comparable to Texas Roadhouse's, but the price was clear.

Texas Roadhouse is good and cheap at $17.99 versus $22.99. Ribs are another reason this is America's fastest-growing restaurant business. We know the meat is good.

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