Potbelly's Cuban Sandwich Is Back But not for long

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Potbelly perfects sandwiches. The fast-casual company serves hot and cold sandwiches and has a secret menu for dedicated enthusiasts.

Customers can also customize their sandwiches with whatever meat, cheese, or veggies the restaurant offers, however one sandwich form was unavailable for a while.

Cuban sandwich lovers can rejoice now that their favorite sandwich is available again. Potbelly's Cubano has pulled pork, ham, Swiss cheese, brown mustard, and pickles.

Potbelly's sandwich debuted in 2018 and returned in April 2022. One year later, the Cubano returns for a limited time.

Potbelly's Cubano has hand-pulled roasted pork and deli-sliced ham like the original. The Cubano, like other fast-casual sandwiches, is served on white, multigrain, or flatbread.

The Cubano, like other Potbelly sandwiches, can be customized with avocado and bacon, but it would no longer be a Cuban sandwich.

The Cubano returns for spring, but three other sandwiches are gone.

Wrecking Ball, Fireball, and Sicilian sandwiches are "going to return to the vault" and leaving the chain's "underground menu."

If you're hungry, you can order a slender, giant, or original Potbelly sandwich, including the new Cubano.

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