Starbucks' Leaked Summer 2023 Menu Has A New Cake Pop

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Starbucks has a reputation issue. The Seattle-based coffee firm has been severely criticized for its reaction to workers' unionization initiatives, and Laxman Narasimhan

recently replaced controversial Howard Schultz early to prevent the embarrassment of the current CEO saying anything harmful when appearing before Congress.

Starbucks' problems are severe and the company's future is questionable. On May 9, its new menu will include a conciliatory coffee blend.

Starbucks associates produced the blonde roast "Green Apron" to aid needy partners.

The leaked summer 2023 menu includes a new Frappuccino flavor and another cold brew. A new cake pop is available for people who visit the 'Bucks for snacks rather than coffee.

The latest flavor, "Bumblebee," joins Cookies & Creme, Chocolate, and Birthday Cake. Starbucks' cake pops are famous.

Bumblebee has yellow and black decorations and a painted face like cake pops. We're unsure what we're seeing.

The cake pop's sharp upper edges darkened like ear hollows resemble a cat's face. The kissy lips and smiling mouth above don't look like a honey-making bee, but the stripes at the bottom do.

Instagram is confused either by new offering. One poster said the cake pop "seems like it's doubting its own existence."

For now, Starbucks is hoping you'll keep coming in for the new goodies. Smiley-face cake pops are irresistible.

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