The 5 Best Colors to Wear For Your Brown Eyes

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5. Green

Wear lime, forest, or emerald green eye makeup or clothes to highlight your brown eyes. Wear various greens for distinct looks.

Earthy tones like greenish-khaki and moss for a relaxed, disarming style, or emerald or spring green for a lively, energetic approach.

4. Blue

Blue, like green, makes brown eyes pop. Blue works well as a neutral and layers well with other colors.

Brown eyes pop brilliantly in all blues, from baby blue to turquoise to cobalt.

3. Brown

Several brown tints will enhance your eyes and bring out their accent colors.

Brown mauves, red browns, and darker colors like brownish black praline brown to highlight those other tones. This warm hue brings out the eyes' amber flecks for a healthy shine.

2. Red

Red looks well with brown eyes. The dark color scheme conveys drama and intrigue.

Wear warm orangey-red to be striking but friendly. Oxblood and crimson will appear cold and distant.

1. Pastels

The pastel colors enhance chocolate eyes without dominating brown. If you choose the appropriate hues, these gentler tints will flatter your eyes and complexion.

If your complexion has warmer yellow overtones, wear peaches and apricots; if cooler blue, lavenders, soft pinks, and lighter blues.

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