The Best-Behaved Dog Breeds You Can Own

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German Shepherd

The German shepherd is smart, strong, and loyal.

They work well, so they are used in police stations, airports, and search-and-rescue.

Their bites are big and strong, so parents of young children should be careful. If you give them enough room, they rarely act badly.

Havanese Dog

The dog of Cuba is friendly. Havanese dogs have silky coats that are about mid-length and big ears.

Families with kids love how gentle the breed is. They are great for small homes or apartments.

They are loyal to their owners and follow them around the house.


Its name comes from the fact that its big, flapping ears look like butterfly wings.

Small dogs that are happy and like to play are easy to take care of. Given how cute they are and how nice they are, we'd be happy to clean their hair.

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