The Best Hairstyles for Women Over 70

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Tapered Pixie Bob

Pixie bobs are ideal for layering hair. Remember popular hair colors. An ash blonde or silver balayage makes grays useful.

Gray Pixie for Fine Hair

Pixie cuts are ideal for ladies over 70 with fine or fast receding hair. Instead of spiking layers up, slant them downward to hide scant spots and incorporate bangs into the style.

Trendy Short Haircut

Judi Dench shows how to avoid artificial hair coloring. She has silvered her grey hair. You'll appear modern with a pixie haircut and sassy hairdo.

Jaw-Length Silver Stacked Bob

Tidy, well-shaped haircuts for women over 70 are elegant and easy. Nice example. Enjoy the subtleties of silver hair with a trendy cut and occasional toners.

Short Ash Blonde Pixie

Focus on structure while picking short haircuts for women over 70. Short sides and back give this traditional form a rounded appearance.

Stacked Gray Pixie Bob

Long side bangs and stacked back layers offer individuality to your style. This style looks great with black or silver hair.

Short Dishwater Blonde Hairstyle

A dishwater blonde tint can compliment fair skin. Use a texturizer to keep the form from seeming too "done" with a cropped cut with lengthier layers.

Short Feathered White Hairstyle

Short haircuts for women over 70 can be rich and lush like this feathery cut. Layers create a bigger look, yet the length is low-maintenance.

White Choppy Pixie

Thin-haired 65-year-olds love the choppy white pixie. Stylish pixies conceal thinning hair.

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