the Biggest Gray Hair Trends 2023

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messy Gray pixies

Its salt-and-pepper style is for the courageous and youthful.

The leaving of side parts to frame the face will be a trend in the next year.

Color variations

Gray hair doesn't require a monochromatic look. Stylists expect distinct colors. Silver and platinum hairstyles with a cool-toned shadow root are popular among the young.

We're not talking bright purple here. Gray hair looks fresh, fashionable, and original with lavender undertones.


Lobs will also be popular. The glittering shimmer of a layered gray or silver lob will catch attention indoors and out.

It's a trendy style for all women, therefore it'll rock in 2023.


Lowlights will be another 2023 gray hair style. Foils or balayage apply lowlights. We propose a gloss service after that.

The glaze will smooth the hair and provide luster. As ladies realize gray hair takes care, this style will stay trendy.

galaxy highlights

Galaxy highlights are farther away. 2023's colorful trend. Williams and Fonda have silver-gray accents.

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