The Worst Pizza Hut Pizza Of All Time

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Spaghetti, wings, brownies Pizza Hut has them all. Pizza Hut now offers a variety of sides, desserts, toppings, and pizza crusts.

Hence, ordering a pepperoni pizza should be routine! TikTok users found otherwise. Instead, she received possibly the worst Pizza Hut pizza ever.

Pizza Hut is a childhood favorite, late-night option, and "pizzeria" for many. Dominoes, Papa John's, Little Caesars, and Pizza Hut serve those without family-owned pizzerias.

Each chain's pizza and other menu items are good, but User's pizza looked more like a segmented paperweight than a pizza.

Without a golden crust, sauce, or cheese, it set a new record for Pizza Hut's worst pizza.

TikTok user's pizza contains near-imperceptible wells of cheese, sauce that didn't want to show up,

pepperoni that looks like Jackson Pollock threw it, and a color that suggests, "Maybe I'm edible?"

"What in the f—k even is that?" she asks in the video, as anyone would wonder how such a vile pizza could get out of a restaurant and into someone's home.

Although not a remedy to Pizza Hut's quality control difficulties, here's hoping that's the last nightmare-fueling pizza we'll ever see.

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